Foster Care And Foster Parenting

�What is the difference between foster care and foster parenting?� Many people who are thinking about caring for a child that is not their own ask this question. In the past, foster carers were called foster parents, but it was an inappropriate title. Foster care refers to the short and medium term care of children who may still be returned to the care of their biological parents or parent. A foster parent or foster parents have adopted a child and become his or her legal parent, with all the rights and responsibilities of a natural parent.

Foster care givers take a child into their homes for a period of time. They have certain obligations towards the welfare of the child, but are not responsible for the cost of raising the child. This is provided by the institution that has removed the child from its parental home until circumstances change and it becomes possible for the child to return to his or her parents. While the parent or parents of the child are not able to care for their child fulltime, they are not denied visiting rights, nor are the care givers allowed to refuse the child the right to spend time with their parents. Visiting rights or refusal are dictated by the agency in charge of the child.

Foster care givers face a challenge when they take a child into their home, but they find it a welcome challenge, as they can make a real difference in a child’s life. No two children are alike, but children placed in care often have never really felt loved or nurtured. They are often from unstable backgrounds and have suffered accordingly. Remuneration for care givers is small, but the emotional rewards can be very large.

If you would like to know more about foster care, there are some excellent private services that have the legal authority to place children into foster homes. It is easy to apply to become a foster carer. There is a screening process for the protection of the child and you will be visited by a qualified social worker in your home and your application will be assessed by qualified child care providers. Following that, there is a training and education period before a child will be placed in your care.

Most foster carers welcome the opportunity to be fully screened and educated before they take on the responsibilities of foster care. It shows their commitment and the commitment of the agency to the well being of children.

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