How To Block Few Websites On Your Pc To Prevent Kids From Accessing Them

The world of internet is vast and crammed with information. Thus millions of sites are online today. Some of these sites are useful for all for few are recommended strictly for adults. Since, in this technology driven era, you can’t keep your kids away from PC, it becomes difficult to put a control over them and prevent them from accessing unwanted sites. The only option to keep your kids away from such sites is to block these sites. In this article, we are talking about the ways that can be helpful for you to keep parental control over your PC and how you can get

There are numbers of automated tools which are specifically designed to help you in setting restrictions over your PC and prevent your Kid from free access of internet and PC. Parental Control tools also limits computer surfing hours for your kids.

‘Parental Control’ is an optional feature that helps you in filtering the content. It is divided into several categories, which are respectively-

Use of Content filters � this tool helps you to limit your kid’s access to age-appropriate content. With this, you can put barricade over all the websites, which you do not want to be opened on your website. Hence, whenever, any one will be clicking on those site, he/she would not be not be able to open it.

When parental control is put in action on a PC, a notification gets displayed on the desktop. This notification states about the program or websites, which are blocked by you. So, whenever your kid would be clicking on blocked program or website, he/she would have to provide the password.

If your PC is supporting Microsoft’s Windows Operating system, you can block certain website browsing on your PC by using the administrative account. Here, you need to make standard user accounts. Rest of the procedures are provided below �

Go to Start Menu>Control Panel>All control Panel Items> Parental Control

Now you would have to provide administrator password and then confirm it. After it, click on standard accounts and click on �Parental Settings On’.

This would block access of all the mentioned websites and programs for standard accounts and prevent your kids from excessive use of PC and staying away from unwanted websites.

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